Ethical Hacking – Job Oriented Training


Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • World is moving towards security. Hence Ethical hacking is one of the key elements for career growth.
  • As per current survey, We need 15M Ethical Hackers every years but we could produce only 3M.
  • ITSM provides real-time training on ethical hacking and gives students a fair idea about why you need to learn hacking from ‘security point of view’.
  • We built Security Analyst by teaching from Scratch.
  • ITSM training of Ethical hacking covers major portion of Security Operation Centre (SOC).
  • ITSM talks about latest tools and technologies which are going in market right now and also provides the ‘In-depth’ training on it.                                                           Course Duration :-  45 days. 34 session, 50 hours of training Course Title :– Security Analyst real-time training
     Course Content :- CEH (all topics), Cyber Security mitigation, Interview questions

Become an Expert in Ethical Hacking!!