CheckPoint Firewall – Job Oriented Training


  • Checkpoint is one of the leading brand in firewall security. The content filtering and url filtering features of checkpoint is effective and user friendly.
  • Checkpoint still has major share in current market and claims to be the best firewall on enterprise level.
  • Checkpoint R-77 and R-80 Firewall is considered as best solutions for tcp/ip suit.
  • ITSM provides real-time training on R-77 and R-80 firewall which consists of Installation, Administration and maintenance of Checkpoint from scratch level.
  • ITSM provides real-time training on checkpoint -next generation firewall.

Course Duration :– 1 Month
Course Title :- Checkpoint Administration
Course Content :- Configuring firewall, Rule-set, software blades (hands-on training)

Become an Expert in CheckPoint Firewall!!