Complete Network Security – Job Oriented Training

{CCNA + CCNP + CCIE + ITIL V3 + Load-Balancer + Live-in Remote LAB}

Introduction to Complete Network Security Module

This course module will talk about the daily job roles and responsibilities of a network engineer in any corporate. There is a big Gap between what we learn in books and what happens in the real world. This module covers all the aspects of CCNA + Network Security + fundamental knowledge of ITIL V3 + Good understanding of load balancer + practical aspects of Firewall and Real-time aspects of various tools which are used in corporate.

After Completion of this course you will be able to

a) Understand the real-time aspects of network security.

b) Work as a network engineer in any organization.

c) Understand the basic principles of Network security profile

Prerequisites                                                                  Course Duration

a) Any fresher {Any graduate}                                       a) 45 days of training program

b) 0-3 years of experience in any field.                        b) 54 hours of training

c) Basic knowledge of Computer and Network          c) 34 session, 2-3 hours per session

d) Learning attitude                                                        d) Monday-Friday

Become an Expert in Network Security!!