Palo – Alto – Next Generation Firewall (Palo-Alto Firewall 7.1/8.0 Edu-100 and 210 Exam)

Introduction to Palo Alto Firewalls


This module will talk about real time aspects of Palo-Alto next generation firewall. We will be covering fundamental knowledge Palo-Alto “EDU-100” and “EDU-210 exam” in this course. There is a lot of GAP between what we learn in books and what happens in the real world. This course is design in such a way that “fulfills all the requirements of Palo-Alto Certified Firewall professional.”

After Completion of this course you will be able to
a) Understand the real-time aspects of Palo Alto Firewall.
b) Install configure and manage Palo Alto Firewalls.
c) Work independently as a Firewall Administrator

Prerequisites                                                                  Course Duration
a) Any fresher {Any graduate}                                       a) 14 days of training program
b) 0-3 years of experience in any field.                        b) 20 hours of training
c) Basic knowledge of Computer and Network          c) 08 session, 2-3 hours per session
d) Learning attitude                                                        d) Friday-Sat-Sun-Mon

Learn the latest trends and Technologies of Firewalls

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